About William Rhys Meek

William Rhys Meek was born in Lincolnshire, UK in 1963. He studied at Leeds College of music, and after a brief spell writing themes for television he began to develop a distinctive and personal style of composing piano music.  William's music varies from completely impressionistic to highly accessible - lyrical, neoclassical, pop- or folkish, but manages to retain its stylistic consistency.  Influences include Satie, Ravel, Debussy and Charles Ives, as well as the other naturalist-composers such as Messiaen and Rautavaara; also jazz players such as John Taylor and Marcin Wasilewski.

William also composes soundtrack and theme music, and his music has been used in many programs for BBC TV. He composed the theme music for the BAFTAs in 1988.  Prizewinning international pianist Benjamin Frith has played two of William's pieces, Dust Devil and Echium vulgare in concert, and William contributed a composition, Winter is a Slow Death Waiting on Songs Now, British Songs of the 21st Century, available on Meridian.

William currently lives and works by the Lincolnshire coast with his wife and family.

Sheet music for the individual pieces are available by contacting the composer directly.